Lt. Frank Williams

Executive Director, Board of Directors-President, JCPD “Police Officer of the Year”-2007


Lieutenant Frank Williams was a Hoboken PAL kid, so he experienced the life-changing impact of a positive male role model firsthand. Through the PAL football league, he learned sportsmanship – both on the field and in life.


Lt. Williams became a police officer in Jersey City (he is now a 22-year JCPD veteran), and coached high school and college football for the first 10 years of his career.   When the JCPAL Director position came up in 2005, it was a natural fit.


Lt. Williams was handed a small football program with less than 100 kids, and the program was in debt.  Within 1 year, he had added wrestling and baseball, and started rugby, cheerleading and boxing.  The football program increased to 250 kids, and the wrestling program had 60 kids.  By the end of his first year as director, the program had expanded to include over 300 kids! With the addition of even more programs such as indoor soccer, tennis, and golf, the student participation had increased to a whopping 2,100 kids by 2013!


Recently, the gym that JCPAL used for several programs closed down, and Lt. Williams’work schedule changed. Despite these challenges, he has managed to keep 3 programs running, with plans to expand.


Lt. Williams’ determination, ingenuity and passion keep JCPAL volunteers making a positive impact on their community everyday. He firmly believes that they are training champions for the biggest game of all – LIFE.