Born and raised in Jersey City, Tyshaun started out with JCPAL when he was 7 or 8, but quit.  He didn’t have much of a focus, and his mother (Lashone) was looking for ways to keep him out of trouble.

A chance meeting with coach Mike Martin changed Tyshaun’s path.  He encouraged him to join the JCPAL football team at age 10, and Tyshaun stuck with it for 4 years.

Tyshaun became focused, diligent, and began to excel in school (making the Dean’s List).  These qualities got him into Hoboken High School (known for its excellent sports program).

As a freshman on the football team, he helped them to win a state championship in the 2015-16 season.

JCPAL has had an amazing effect on him.  It  kept him on track. Coach Mike provided inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and a personal trainer all in one. Tyshaun goes back to JCPAL now as a volunteer because he wants to give back to the community, and help the kids coming up now.” – Lashone (Tyshaun’s mother)