In a neighborhood where run-ins with the police are frequent, and never positive, the likelihood of Royaal dropping out of school, and going to prison was high. By the age of 18, most of his crew had gone to in jail.

He joined JCPAL at age 7, playing football, wrestling, and eventually rugby. Sports kept him focused, disciplined, and out of trouble.

At 14, he was able to get into a private high school to play rugby, graduating 4 years later with the “Athlete of the Year” award in 2016.

He also got to travel across the U.S. playing rugby, which gave him exposure to a world beyond his neighborhood. JCPAL also gave people exposure to Royaal; including college scouts!

Instead of becoming a statistic, Royaal graduated high school, earned a scholarship to a full 4-year college, and is the first in his family to go away to school.

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