Tim DowdOne of the hardest parts of Tim Dowd’s career as a Jersey City Police Officer was seeing Jersey City kids with no place to go and running into trouble with the law.

So in 1976 he started an athletic program that encouraged local kids to come together in organized sports and events and away from the street corners. After an incredibly time consuming but wildly successful two years, Tim officially founded the Police Activity League of Jersey City Inc.


boxingcirca1980Since 1978, Jersey City youths from 5-19 years of age have found a home away from home and a safe haven to come together to play hard and meet new friends.

In 1989, the PAL became a NJ 501(c)3 and has since remained a non profit in good standing. As a charity organization, the PAL is 100% funded by supporters like you who have generously contributed to the PAL’s success.

In 2012, the PAL adopted the alternate name “Jersey City Police Athletic League” which more closely represents the evolution of the PAL’s mission and focus, but it maintains the same fundamental values.  


pal-kids-thumbnail-193widthToday, the P AL serves a youth community of over 30,000 kids with 3 programs:
-Police Explorers





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  1. J.c.pal baseball was a life savior for me
    it was a family away from home.Gave
    me something to look forward too
    everyday practice hard played
    better.We took pride in our games for
    bragging right but all in good fun.I
    made life long friends there

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